Fintresa Finanz- und Treuhand AG (Incorporated)

We are a long-established, independent financial services company which, despite global financial crises, has established itself on the financial markets as early as 1983 and has been acting entrepreneurially for our customers ever since.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is high quality consulting.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Our valued Swiss tradition manifests itself in the values such as trustworthiness, responsibility, reliability, discretion and expertise.


By focusing on second line stocks, an above average profit is possible.


The analysis of small companies is often very time-consuming, as the publications and communication of many small caps are less pronounced than those of standard stocks. We sort out the jungle of the opaque for you.


We specialize in second-line stocks of smaller companies, which are not yet known to the majority of large investors, fund companies, etc.

Companies in the small cap segment are significantly more innovative and faster at exploiting new business opportunities and have significantly higher growth rates than the "big tankers", so-called blue chips, in the blue chip indices. As a result, the payoff of a focused strategy in small caps is huge.

In the investment area of participation, be it through shares, silent partnerships, etc., we adhere to a very clear rule, which one certainly also follows in normal life, not to buy any product that is not in the investment trend.


We provide you with competent and informative support in various areas. With reference to our current commitment, we would like to introduce you to our profile and our selection criteria for an investment.  


We support our customers, for example, in the selection of suitable financial investments. Together, we assess the financial situation and develop realistic goals.


In cooperation with us, clients do not incur any fees (agio, management fees, etc.), as is common with banks, funds, etc. Cooperation with our clients is based on 10% profit sharing.

If this is also a fair and desirable basis for you and your interest is aroused, we would be happy to present our current recommendation and advise you on this. Please let us know in a short e-mail under the contact area. 


Equity Story

The Swiss Empire Brand Building AG, based in Baar, canton Zug, is an "ideas factory" and investment company that designs and implements its own projects. As an execution company, the German EBB Germany GmbH, based in Neuss, accompanies all investments and provides the resources. This facilitates the intra-market sale of the relevant subsidiaries of Empire Brand Building AG and establishes the group structure. Building on the founders' many years of experience in e-commerce, and in particular in setting up and marketing marketplaces, EBB's business model currently focuses on B2B and B2C, with the core theme being parents of pre-school and school children. For the time being, EBB intends to offer its services in the German-speaking regions Germany-Austria-Switzerland (DACH).

Currently, EBB has two independent group companies that address the issues from different aspects. GmbH provides a marketplace for pregnant women and parents, where they can buy and sell second-hand items to one another. Retailers will also be connected in the future, and will be able to sell new and used goods. Items will then be sold in the traditional way by requesting them or via an internal shopping cart system. Baddeldaddel is currently EBB's flagship and is intensively supported as the most important project.

The “Gesellschaft für Kinderernährung mbH” brings together nursery schools, preschool institutions and caterers to provide healthy nutrition suitable for children.

EBB Germany GmbH is the heart and brain of the corporate group. This company handles all work for the respective internal group projects at low cost. When capacities permit, services can also be offered to third parties in the medium term. In particular, the tasks also include all advertising and promotional measures that make the marketplaces adequately known and, thus ensure growing attention.

In the medium term, EBB can envision examining and developing further concepts in the specified area in its own group companies. Should opportunities arise, EBB is open to selling individual successful concepts to larger groups as an exit strategy. Explicitly, this exit strategy is not part of the business concept, but offers shareholders additional opportunities for special distributions.

Business model

Business model and corporate strategy

The business model of Empire Brand Building (Holding) is to initiate new projects as a factory of ideas. We are convinced that we know how to recognize and satisfy the needs of increasingly demanding customers without having to create the latest innovations. Combining existing realities, we create an attractive hybrid product. What emerges from these hybrids is a new offering for customers around the world. The best example of a hybrid in this form is the modern smartphone. As Steve Jobs said when he first presented the iPhone:

"An iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator. An iPod, a phone. Are you getting it? These are not three separate devices but one device, and we are calling it Phone."

The iPhone has made Apple what it is today: now the most valuable listed company in the world with a market capitalization of three trillion dollars. We attribute this success to the combination of a hybrid product and the "Apple" brand. We believe these 21st-century features allow us to break new ground. After all, this is exactly what we want to create: Seeing potential for improvement in markets that are never saturated. This is achieved by adapting the brand to the customer or by combining two things that function independently of each other, thereby creating a new product or service.

The easiest way to do this from our point of view is online marketplaces, where you adapt them to a large target group and serve the needs of said target group. We do exactly that with our family marketplace "", clearly defining the target group from the user and buyer perspective, yet in the future also for retailers who know exactly to whom this marketplace is aimed. We do not sell our own goods and thus have no costs in the area of logistics or purchasing, but still participate from the turnover on our marketplace.


The future belongs to platforms. "Facebook" is the largest media company in the world without creating its own content, "Airbnb" is the largest provider of overnight stays without renting out its own beds, and "Uber" is the largest provider of driving services without owning its own vehicles.

–   Empire Brand Building AG, Board of Directors   –

This is how you recognize serious financial advice! 

You will receive a written confirmation of the most important facts

You get enough time to think before signing the contract

You will be informed about your objection options

The current status quo of your financial investment is taken into account accordingly and is included in the new concept


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